October Newsletter

First, I apologize for the delay in emailing the newsletter out to everyone.  We had some issues with the groupings with our email client which prevented me from sending it out.   Hopefully it won’t happen next time.  This new email system has two email addresses for the Post. The one I’m we used for the newsletter, alpost316@post316.onmicrosoft.com, is supposed to be robust enough for the entire newsletter to go to the entire group. You may have to check your spam folder to make sure it gets to your inbox. The other one, alpost316@bellsouth.com, is the one to use when sending emails to the Post and is at the top of the newsletter.  Please use the bellsouth.com one if you have any questions, comments, add events, etc.

Some points worth mentioning:

  • The Chief Selectees did a great job painting the canteen and meeting room, and pressure washing the pavilion and back porch.
  • The Legion and Auxiliary still have vacant offices on page 2. Just attend a meeting and volunteer.
  • Our website is up (as you can see or you wouldn’t be reading this). If you have ideas or want to help keeping it up to date, let us know.  Our 3rd Vice is always looking for help.
  • The first Auxiliary dues notice is out and has the incorrect dues rate on it. See the article on page 1.


  • October 6th is a big day-Riders meeting, fun run and rifle drawing-tickets are still available at $10 each. The Auxiliary is holding Octoberfest in the evening. The SAL meeting is also on the schedule.
  • October 8th: Legion and Auxiliary meetings at 8:00 PM.
  • October 18th: Riders Wing Night and karaoke.
  • October 27th: Riders Zombie run with face painting in the morning. Kids Halloween party. Adult Halloween party. Auxiliary Witches Brew Dinner and Cake Walk.

Be sure to check out all the specials in the From the Bar section on page 2.

Have a wonderful October!


1st Vice Commander


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