March Newsletter

End of year reports are coming up-they are due in May. This year we have recruited fewer new members than in a long time. As of the March meeting, we have 30 new members. We really need your help at identifying and recruiting new members to the Post.

The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner was again superb this year. The corned beef was so tender you didn’t need a knife. Thank you, Liz.

The Auxiliary cook book is now for sale at the Post for $8.

Our Boys State and Girls State delegates have been chosen and registered with Department.

We are attempting to start a Thursday night dart league. There is a sign-up list on the board and we will have a meeting Thursday at 7 PM on the 4th to see if there is enough interest. If you like to throw darts, please sign up.

The Children’s Easter Egg party will be held at 2 PM on the 20th for kids who are 10 and younger. There will also be an Easter Egg Tree at the Post. For a donation, you can pick an egg and get the prize indicated inside. See the Auxiliary article.

The Riders are planning a gala Cinco de Mayo party for May 4th. There’ll be lots to do and a really fun party.


1st: April Fool’s Day

4th: Gold Star Spouse’s Day

4th: Dart League meeting at 7 PM

6th: Riders meeting at 0900 and SAL at 1030

14th: Palm Sunday

14th: 5th District meeting at Post 54 in Fernandina Beach

15th: TAX DAY

15th: Legion and Auxiliary meetings

19th: Good Friday

20th: Kid’s Easter Party

21st: EASTER

26th: Arbor Day



1st Vice Commander

April Newsletter

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